Financial Statements

Financial statements can be prepared for you on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the size of your business. Compiled, reviewed, or audited statements can be provided according to your needs.

More importantly, we can help you use these statements as a tool to better manage your business and increase your profitability. Your financial statements are of little value to you if they are not prepared timely. Problems with your business need to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems.

Prepare financial reports as soon as possible after month end. You can then make year-to-date and year-to-year comparisons and make quick management decisions. You can compare the sales, gross profits, and net profits at, say, the end of May, with prior years and get a good idea of how the current year will finish. You can compare the total accounts receivable with prior years to spot problems and then quickly take corrective action.

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