Payroll Services

We can prepare your payroll for W-2 employees or independent contractors on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay cycle.

Our services include:

You will find our rates are lower than national payroll service companies and are never priced á la carte. One price per check processed, per pay cycle is our only fee for payroll check processing. We have no additional charges, add-on fees, or set-up fees for check processing. We only pass on our shipping and delivery costs.

Pay Cycle Fee Schedule

Checks Processed
Per Pay Cycle
Price Per Check
Per Pay Cycle
Total Price
Per Pay Cycle
1 – 10 $2.70 $27.00
11 – 30 $2.25 $45.00
31 – 50 $1.50 $30.00
Over 50 Call for Quote  

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